Leonardo Hotels in Europe

Leonardo Hotels in Europe, the European extension of Fattal hotels chain, present their guests with an outstanding triplet standard, consisting of prestigious comfort, service and location.  Launching its first hotel in Germany back at 2007, the Leonardo Hotels in Europe have efficiently stretched their presence to Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and even Hungary, totaling a sum of 55 hotels. Each and every Leonardo residence offers a unique tailor fitted design, thus guarantying an exclusive standard of personal & individual service. Checking in to one of our hotels is almost as good as arriving back home!

All across Europe, our renowned reputation represent customization to the unique local surroundings. As a result, our guests can enjoy a smooth merge with the local culture and way of life. Furthermore, no matter wither you stay at one of our exclusive Leonardo Royal Hotels exclusive brand or the Leonardo Boutique “lifestyle” brand, you are always guaranteed to enjoy our warm greeting and spoiling treat.

For your preference, you can to stay nearby the local airports, within the city Centre or out by the countryside. Whatever the resolution, all of our residences are well connected to the major transportation hubs.

As for the internal facilities, our hotels are inspired by the boutique concept. By cleverly implementing state of the art interior designs, each and every of our hotels sustain an atmosphere full of warmth and calmness. Along with the in-house gourmet cuisines and top-end spa & health clubs, it is apparently the most cost effective equilibrium around.

Whilst staying at one of the Leonardo Hotels in Europe, we introduce our guests with the art to feel at home!