Accessibility For The Disabled At Fattal

Accessibility for the Disabled at Fattal Hotels
The Fattal Hotel Chain supports the accessibility agenda in hotels. The chain promotes this agenda and acts to create diverse solutions that will enable disabled guests to enjoy an indulgent vacation at the Fattal Hotels.

What We Do For Accessibility

Accessibility for the Disabled at Fattal Hotels

Hotel Rooms
Most of the Fattal Hotels have designated fully accessible rooms for the disabled. These rooms are unique in that they were pre-planned to accommodate all the guest’s needs: maneuverability in a wheelchair, proximity to the elevator, wide doorways, bathrooms with appropriate handles and complementary equipment such as a seat for the bath tub, wheelchair etc

Bathrooms in designated rooms for the disabled are designed to allow easy and safe mobility. Doorways are suitably wide and bathroom facilities have appropriate handles. Showers and sinks are positioned at the required height.

Outdoor Accessibility
Accessibility outside the hotel includes designated parking, suitable ramps at the hotel entrance and in other places, as well as accessibility to open areas on the hotel grounds such as an incline to allow access to the pool and beach.

Most of the spa facilities and treatment rooms at the Fattal Hotels accommodates accessibility for the disabled. Wheelchair access to the pool is available and stairs with railing provide easy and safe access into the water.