Entertainment in Fattal Hotels in Israel

We at Fattal Hotels believe in giving our guests a complete and exciting experience during their stay at any of our resorts. Fattal’s entertainment producer, Roni Atias, and his international staff of first class dancers, performers and actors provide our guests of all ages with an unforgettable vacation. With new shows every season, Fattal Hotels always have the best entertainment programs with the most up-to-date and popular talents and trendiest shows.

Fattal Hotels offer both in-house productions of live music shows, cabarets and interactive performances, as well as visiting shows by international groups, with some of the world’s best musical, circus acts and many more attractions.

Here are our highlight shows, brought exclusively by Fattal Hotels to our Eilat and the Dead flagship resorts.

Entertainment in Fattal Hotels Israel

FIVE STARS (Showing at Dead Sea and Eilat hotels) – Visiting from London, these five talented singers and dancers put on a music show that gives a different tempo to many famous music hits from all over the world, performed in several languages. Preparing for their Israeli tour, the band members even learned several Hebrew hits, adding them to their amazing repertoire. Once they get on stage, you can’t help but fall in love with these great performers.

Entertainment in Eilat hotels:
Entertainment in the Dead Sea hotels:
LOVE, The musical – A tribute show to the greatest love songs of all times. Energetic and refreshing, this exciting display of costumes, pyrotechnics, music, song and dance, is a great entertainment choice for the whole family.
BOLLSHOW (At the Meridian and Leonardo Club Dead Sea hotels) – This international dance group puts on a colorful show of spectacular dance routines. Their upbeat vibes make every one of their audience feel like jumping in to dance and join the unique and exciting atmosphere.WHITE and BLACK – Exclusively at the Fattal Hotels in Eilat, this circus group will leave you breathless with their performance. Don’t miss the professional acts and acrobatic displays, which are only some of what this unique show has to offer.

Entertainment in Eilat U Coral Beach club Resort:

U FANTAZY – An original production of a visual and humorous performance, inspired by some of the best Las Vegas shows.
U ISLAND – A dazzling and breathtaking show that brings you soundtracks from the most famous musicals, adding an entertaining touch to your favorite numbers with song, dance, and even circus performers.